After a 20-year career in technology, Shareef became an independent filmmaker producing documentaries that focus on emerging countries and cultures worldwide. He has traveled to 30 countries and over 120 cities, volunteering in animal and marine conservation efforts in Belize, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Namibia, South Africa and Thailand. Shareef is a certified scuba diver and a FAA drone pilot.

Shareef is the official Host and Co-Producer for the Following Movies

Jewel of The Pacific

Jewel of the pacific PBS

Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA used to be a sleepy beach town until gentrification began reshaping its landscape. Surfers moved in. Next, college students made it a bustling neighborhood of their own. Then came entrepreneurs and work professionals, whom demanded better restaurants, better bars, and of course their own farmers market. The cost of living went up, and pushed out original residents.

Vietnam: Fast Forward

Vietnam Fast Forward Amazon Prime

An uplifting documentary that explores the human element behind Vietnam’s resurgence as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It follows a new generation of Vietnamese characters whose remarkable life stories blend into a set of universally inspiring themes that will likely re-energize your own soul.

Recent Adventures

During his most recent travels, Shareef was able to discover amazing street food in Vietnam, volunteer at a conservation in South Africa while learning about the natural habitat of cheetahs in their environment. He also swam with majestic Manta rays in a marine conservation in Indonesia.




Upcoming Trips


Check out Shareef’s experiences in Vietnam where he has visited the country several times over the past 7 years.


Volunteer work at an amazing marine conservation in Belize that is helping eradicate lion fish population which plague the region.


Visiting Africa twice over the past decade, Shareef volunteered for a cheetah conservation in Namibia for a month. He also got certified to track and record wildlife behavior at conservation in South Africa.


In 2019, Shareef spent a month in a remote island in Indonesia volunteering for a Marine Conservation.


If you love elephants, check out his visit to Laos for a conservation which rehabilitates working logging elephants back in to the wild.


Palawan islands in the Philippines tops one his favorite places to visit in the world. Check it out.


Volunteer work at an amazing sea turtle conservation in Thailand where they are kept for 6 months at conservation before release into the wild. Increasing their chance of survival by 90%.

Costa Rica

With his love for Marine life, He visited Costa Rica on a conservation for Sea Turtles.
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